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Are you looking for a custom door shop in San Diego? Look no further than Sunset Finish Door & Trim in Santee, CA. With a wide variety of door styles and suppliers, Sunset Finish can help you pick out the perfect door for your taste and style with durability to last years to come. Whether you’re looking for a new front door for your home or an interior door for your office, Sunset Finish has the perfect door for you. Stop by today and see the wide selection of doors available, or contact us to discuss your specific needs. We look forward to helping you find the perfect door!

Exterior Doors and Entry Doors

The color and design of your entry door can transform the feel of your home while adding to its curb appeal. We offer a wide range of Entry doors in different designs and colors to make your home stand out from the rest. 

No matter the color, design, and material of your desired door, you can find in our collection. Our doors are made from high-quality materials and are backed by a warranty.

Interior Doors

Interior Doors are an essential part of the overall feel of your home. Most homeowners pay too little attention while selecting interior doors which might give them functionality but it can compromise the aesthetic look of your home. 

Whether you are building your home or just remodeling it for a contemporary look, you can find something from our collection that suits your style. 

Door Systems

When we think about doors, our first and probably the only thought is getting a pivot door. Let me tell you, it’s not your only option. 

Based on the style of your house and your personal choice you can select a range of door systems for your home. Be it a Bypass Door, Pocket Door, or Folding Door system, we have got you covered.


We are a door and window company located in San Diego, CA. Not only can we provide doors and windows that match your style and needs but we can install those doors for you as well.

If you are looking for a handyman to install your newly bought doors, Sunset Finish has got you covered. Our experts can install doors and windows without creating any mess.

Types of Doors

Bypass Door

A bypass door is another name for a sliding door that can have two or three panels. These panels are mounted into two aluminum tracks, one at the top and the other one at the bottom. These doors can be manufactured in any style. 

Bypass doors are used in spaces that need a wide opening for easier access. So it allows a door to slide in front of the other into a closet or a room.

Folding Door

This is a type of door in which the door opens by the folding of its panels. It is mounted to a single track. These doors can be made of many different types of materials like wood, aluminum, or uPVC (polyvinyl chloride) a plastic product. Bifold doors are one of the types of doors offered by sunset finish.


Pocket Door

Pocket door is a type of sliding door. When this door is opened its panel slides into a compartment in the adjacent wall. The biggest advantage of this door is that it saves up a lot of space and provides a wide opening. It is preferred by designers and homeowners due to its space-saving feature. Pocket door comes in different materials: plywood, solid wood, glazed wood, and tempered glass.  

Pivot Door

It is a door that rotates around a vertical axis. Its hinges are mounted on top and the bottom of the door, instead of on the sides. This allows the interior and the exterior of the room to blend in. These doors are available in large sizes as compared to the traditional hinged doors.



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